Fosun RZ Capital

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  • Lithium batteries

Company profile

Fosun RZ Capital, established in 2013, is the only global investment institution under Fosun focusing on technology and new consumption. At the same time, it is also one of the investment institutions with the most industrial resources in China. By using its advantages in industrial resources, Fosun RZ Capital will empower enterprises with ecological resources in four major sectors: health, happiness, wealth and intelligence, promote industrial synergy, and boost the leap-forward and international development of enterprises. Up to now, the total assets managed by Fosun RZ Capital have reached nearly 10 billion yuan, more than 100 enterprises have been invested, and more than 70% of them have received follow-up financing. The company has focused on the investment in high-growth and high-tech enterprises in major global economic growth regions for a long time and realized the seven-place coordinate layout of "taking top technology as the horizontal and emerging markets as the vertical": it not only invests in cutting-edge technological innovation territories such as the United States and Israel, but also rapidly lays out high-growth emerging markets such as China, India and Southeast Asia, creating an influential global industrial innovation ecology.

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  • Lithium batteries

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Recent deals

  • Saidemei

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.A轮
    • Investment Amount:Tens of millions of RMB
  • Jijia Cross Border

    • Investment Round:A+ round
    • Investment Amount:132 million RMB
  • Jinsheng Metal

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.B轮
    • Investment Amount:Hundreds of millions of RMB
  • KakaClo

    • Investment Round:Angel round
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed
  • ShinData

    • Investment Round:A+ round
    • Investment Amount:Tens of millions of RMB