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HuaYi Ventures is a professional venture capital management institution and platform, focusing on the field of science and technology manufacturing. Our business cover fund of fund, direct investment fund, industrial fund, etc. Our independent management scale is 8.5 billion yuan and the cumulative joint management scale is 20 billion yuan. HuaYi Ventures originated from the former Investment Department of Tsinghua Holdings. Our core team has been deeply involved in the Tsinghua industrial investment system for a long time, and has successively established and managed QingKong Venture Capital, QinKong Equity Fund and other first-line brands in the industry, with rich resources and fund management experience in the venture capital industry. Relying on Tsinghua’s unique resource advantages, the fund investors’ strong industry background and years of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and successful cross-border interaction and integration, we are committed to using the deep understanding of technology and innovation to proactively explore strategic emerging industries with explosive growing potential. We focus on scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship that are close to the market demand and give priority to cutting-edge applied technology projects leading the development of the national economy and make due contributions to developing strategic emerging industries, promoting economic restructuring, and supporting the construction of an innovative country.

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  • Electric vehicles
    Zhongze Precision Technology

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