THG Ventures

  • Investments: 208
  • Funds: 19
  • Energy storage
  • Lithium batteries
  • Circular economy

Company profile

THG Ventures, a team-led venture capital management institution under Tsinghua Holdings, was established in 2015. In 2016, THG Ventures became the manager of the sub-fund of National SME Development Fund-SME Development Fund (Jiangsu Nantong Limited Partnership). THG Ventures manages more than 10 billion RMB and more than 150 investment projects. Since 1999, THG Ventures has been engaged in early technology investment business. We have successively established institutional brands such as ""Tsinghua Science Park Incubator"" and ""THS Park Venture"", and obtained excellent and stable fund returns. THG Ventures will focus on inheriting and exploiting the rich experience and performance accumulated by the fund management team, further consolidate the market-oriented and professional business concept, establish a new brand of venture capital management institution, and fully undertake the functions of middle and early technological investment of Tsinghua Holdings.

Featured "Shuang-Tan" deals

  • Energy storage
    Hyperstrong Zhejiang Crrccap New Energy Technology
  • Lithium batteries
  • Circular economy
    jsveda Longjiang Enviromental Protection Group(ljep)

Investment preference

Recent deals

  • Hot intelligence

    • Investment Round:Angel round
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed
  • NovoShine

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.C轮
    • Investment Amount:Hundreds of millions of RMB
  • Robotphoenix

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.D轮
    • Investment Amount:Hundreds of millions of RMB
  • Qingneng Interconnection Technology

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.B轮
    • Investment Amount:Super Billion RMB

    • Investment Round:A+ round
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed