Triniti Capital

  • Investments: 66
  • Funds: 16
  • Photovoltaic
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Lithium batteries

Company profile

Triniti Capital specializes in science and technology, focuses on the pan-semiconductor and energy storage industry chains, and mainly invests in innovation-driven leadership and domestic substitution of materials, equipment and devices. With the unique investment strategy of "in-depth research and development under industry focus + five-in-one innovative resource integration", Triniti Capital has invested in over 40 enterprises including Eswin, Deer Tech, Kingpont, Jingdao, GCL Power, DJEL, KMT Technology, Fuxi, Seichi Tech, QST, Avove, Hyperions, Hozel, Keihin Optech, Tolyy, Yejia Optics, Wokailong, Veritech, Refire, Airtouching, Gona Semi, Rongyao Electronics, and Cospowers.

Featured "Shuang-Tan" deals

  • Photovoltaic
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Lithium batteries
    Dongying Cospower New ENERGY Technology

Investment preference

Recent deals

  • Renshuo solar

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.Pre-A轮
    • Investment Amount:Hundreds of millions of Renminbi
  • Kunyu power supply

    • Investment Round:D+ round
    • Investment Amount:Nearly 100 million RMB
  • Soaring electric

    • Investment Round:B+ round
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed
  • Cospower new energy

    • Investment Round:C+ round
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed
  • Semiglory Electronics

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.A轮
    • Investment Amount:Nearly 100 million yuan