Panda Capital

  • Investments: 107
  • Funds: 10
  • Electric vehicles
  • Green transportation

Company profile

Panda Capital was established in May 2015 and co-initiated by four cutting-edge investors, Li Lun, Liang Weihong, Li Xinyi and Mao Shengbo. It is positioned as an early venture project investor, focusing on real estate, automobile, finance, corporate service and logistics, healthy consumption and other fields integrated with the internet. The team members come from domestic leading mainstream funds such as Morningside, Qiming VC, Ceyuan, Empower Investment and Delta Capital. Panda Capital owns RMB and USD dual-currency funds, and its investment stage ranges from angle to B round, and has invested in dozens of star entrepreneurial projects such as Mobike, Aotu Mobility, Mimo Technology, Kaiyun Motors, Robot++, River Tech, Pet Home, Bomao Catering and Fermion.

Featured "Shuang-Tan" deals

  • Electric vehicles
  • Green transportation

Investment preference

Recent deals

  • Qiming supply chain

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.Pre-A轮
    • Investment Amount:Tens of millions of RMB
  • Feimion Technology

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.B轮
    • Investment Amount:Over 100 million RMB
  • Lanjiang Technology

    • Investment Round:Angels+
    • Investment Amount:Millions of RMB
  • Luptin biologics

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.A轮
    • Investment Amount:undisclosed
  • Full distance

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.B轮
    • Investment Amount:Nearly 100 million RMB