Glory Ventures

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  • Funds: 8
  • Photovoltaic

Company profile

Glory Ventures dedicates to the new generation of information technology and focuses on data perception, transmission, storage, calculation, mining and To B applications in vertical industries, and has invested in more than 70 early-stage portfolios through its four-phase RMB funds and two-phase USD funds. Glory Ventures insists on capturing technological change opportunities from the perspective of globalization, driving investment through research and scenarios, building a front-line early-stage entrepreneurial team with strong industrial ecology, active and rational investment in industries with big tracks and high barriers, adhering to the investment strategy of early-stage investment, investment in small business and accurate investment, and is committed to becoming China's top investment fund in the fields of informationization, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Featured "Shuang-Tan" deals

  • Photovoltaic
    Shenzhen Infinite Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Investment preference

Recent deals

  • Greptime

    • Investment Round:Angel round
    • Investment Amount:Millions of dollars
  • Zhongnengchuang

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.Pre-A轮
    • Investment Amount:Nearly 100 million RMB
  • XingTuo Technology

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.Pre-A轮
    • Investment Amount:Over 100 million RMB
  • Gravity XR

    • Investment Round:translation missing: en.rounds.Pre-A轮
    • Investment Amount:Hundreds of millions of RMB
  • Net-swift

    • Investment Round:B+ round
    • Investment Amount:Undisclosed