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Far East Investment is an independent industrial investment fund with Far East Horizon (HK.03360) as the main sponsor and managed by a professional team. The company practices the core investment concept of "financial assistance + industrial empowerment" and lays out in high-quality growing enterprises in China. Far East Investment cultivates core industries such as medical care, education, high-end manufacturing, TMT and environmental protection, and focuses on assisting invested enterprises to access to accurate financial and industrial resources and achieve value enhancement after investment. At present, the investment management scale of Far East Investment exceeds 5 billion yuan, and it has led the investment in a number of high-quality enterprises in China's emerging industries, including Tuhu, MissFresh, WM Motors, Best Learning, Yeepay, Chunxing Group, OrigiMed,, Gaussian Technology, Lumi and

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  • Energy storage
  • Electric vehicles

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  • Dami he xiaomi

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  • Changing Bio

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  • Huisheng Bio

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    • Investment Amount:500 million RMB